Plants Vs Zombies survival-Endless 100 flags

I was played PvZ for long time compete with my friends, we are stuck with 89 flags high score for a few months at survival-endless. Before yesterday, I got new high flags with 123 flags. I been go through and see the others people’s settings, when I see the 100 flags I can’t believe their high scores. Now I go over 100 flags. I just wanna share my setting and trick for to survive at least 100 flags.

Firstly, you need to have every plants and items from Crazy-Dave’s shop to plant according to the settings. And I assumed that you completed adventure mode. My setting may  similar with other Google images or among of internet photos. But planting Tall-Nut on second place is my own setting which made to get two more extra place to plant twin Sunflower with Ten Cob-Cannon setting.

 There are several  warning sentences every flags. If you wanna apply this setting, after  Final Wave warning sentence, some zombies are pop up third and fourth place on your swimming pool which you can not defense unless you planted Pumpkin. I order to avoid pop up zombies’s eating your Cob-Cannon you do need to plant Doom-Shroom then waking up with Coffee Bean as soon as when lose the Final wave warning. Other factors are depend on what you play like shooting cannons and replacing Pumpkins. So Game on!

106 Flags fro Suvival-Enless

P.S: I survived for 123 flags but I didn’t take screen shoot and over 110 flags my plants are not good shape so better see the 106 Flags.

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